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 Pterocarya pterocarpa (Michx.) Delchev.
Stage:  Fruits     Sex:  < N/A >
# 245067    
Ecology:   Urban plantings
 © by Andriy Kovalchuk (leopolitanus)   All rights reserved.
Published: 29.05.2022 06:59:32
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 Pterocarya pterocarpa (Michx.) Delchev. (Fruits)
  leopolitanus (Andriy Kovalchuk)     29.05.2022 06:59:32     leopolitanus  
Last edited: 29.05.2022 06:59:32 (leopolitanus)
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 29.05.2022 07:09:39: leopolitanus     
Nomenclaturally correct name for this species is Pterocarya fraxinifolia (Lam.) Spach
 29.05.2022 08:36:00: Nadiya Sytschak     
In COL and GBIF correct name for this species is Pterocarya pterocarpa (Michx.) Delchev.
 29.05.2022 20:47:45: leopolitanus     
Nevertheless, POWO and Euro+Med accept the name Pterocarya fraxinifolia. The name Juglans fraxinifolia Lam. was published 6 years before J. pterocarpa Michx., and the argument that Lamarck's name was based on an abnormal specimen is no longer applicable since the corresponding article has been removed from ICN.

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